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Please Support C&L’s 2023 Spring Fundraiser

Hi guys, it’s John. It’s May 12, 2023, and CrooksandLiars.com is still in business.

The only reason that’s been possible is the generosity of our readers.

COVID has been very hard on all of us. We’ll never get back the lives, time, and relationships that the pandemic has cost us. And yes, it has affected website traffic, too.

Facebook, Twitter, and many other social media outlets have changed their algorithms with no warning to favor traitorous right-wing websites. That’s the current horror.

Elon Musk routinely tweets and retweets rabid QAnon PizzaGate lunatics. It seems like almost every billionaire in the country throws millions of dollars at right-wing propaganda sites, election deniers, Christian nationalists, and wingnut activists like Moms for Liberty, etc.

For the left, that’s not the case.

As Duncan writes at Eschaton, “Blogging is hard work! No, really, it is. A couple of posts are easy. Doing this all day, every day, is hard!” He continued in another article, “Blogging is actually harder than it used to be, because nobody blogs anymore.”

But we’re still here, and it’s thanks to you.

So please, if you can, donate $25 dollars or more, or make a yearly subscription for an ad-free experience.

Or you can send a check via snail mail to:

528 Palisades Drive Ste 548
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

And you can subscribe here and get an ad-free year-long subscription: