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Kaitlan Collins Gives Pathetic Response To Hosting A Sexual Predator

CNN blew it when they propped up a twice-impeached, indicted, sexual predator on their network. The funny thing about that was that they did it for the ratings. However, Joe Biden garnered more viewers than Trump.

First, CNN host Anderson Cooper tried and failed to explain why the network featured the one-term President who tried to overturn a legitimate election.

Next, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins tried to contain the backlash, calling the clownhall with Trump a “major inflection point” ahead of the 2024 Republican primary. She doesn’t appear to know what an inflection point means.

“About last night, the 70 minutes that I spent on stage in New Hampshire with former President Donald Trump was a major inflection point in the Republican Party’s search for its nominee and potentially the starting line for America’s next presidential race,” she insisted.

“It’s important to remember that he is right now the GOP frontrunner, a race that he is running, as noted, while being criminally indicted, found civilly liable, and under investigation for everything from his handling of classified documents to his business empire,” she added.

Trump lashed out at Collins, calling her “nasty,” and attacked writer E. Jean Carroll, his victim of sexual abuse. And the worst moment was when the audience, filled with Trump supporters, laughed at Trump’s victim. He also regurgitated his lie of a “rigged” election that wasn’t rigged. That lie led to the Jan. 6 attack on our Capitol.

I haven’t watched CNN ever since it took a rightward turn. Kaitlan, go back to playing patty cake with Tucker Carlson.

H/T: @Acyn