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Sen. Kennedy: Mexico Would Be Eating Cat Food Without The US

I know in the age of Trump that such expressions of contempt for foreigners have become more or less “normal” but it doesn’t make them any less repugnant.

And for what it’s worth, Mexico is the United States’ second-largest trading partner. As Kennedy mentioned, the United States does import over $400 billion from Mexico, but it also exports around $325 billion, something this idiot of a senator neglects to mention, accounting for 16% of all exports by the United States.


Source: Alternet

United States Senator John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) insulted the population of Mexico while grilling Drug Enforcement Agency Administrator Anne Milgram during a Wednesday Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on fentanyl.

The back and forth eventually had Sen. Kennedy going into overt racism. Nothing new from the likes of him.

“Senator, I have been very vocal in the whole of government setting on the importance of fentanyl and all of us using every single effort and authority that we…” Milgram said before Kennedy again cut her off.

“Why hasn’t President Biden done it? I mean, this is the way the American people whose sons and daughters are dying. Look at it. Our economy is $23 trillion. Mexico’s economy is 1.3 trillion. Ours is eighteen times bigger. We buy $400 billion every year from Mexico,” Kennedy griped.

“Without the people of America, Mexico, figuratively speaking, would be eating cat food out of a can and living in a tent behind an Outback,” the senator seethed. “So why don’t you and the president embarrassing no one, get on the phone and call President López Obrador and make him a deal he can’t refuse to allow our military and our law enforcement officials to go into Mexico and work with his to stop the cartels. Why don’t you do that?”