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Gutfeld Likens Diversity Measures To Lethal Witch Trials

The targeted malice began with cohost Dana Perino complaining that “woke ideology seems to be very much alive and well at hospitals.” She cited Johns Hopkins Hospital’s chief diversity officer for sending out a newsletter about membership in privileged groups such as whites, Christians, cisgender males, etc.

To help viewers target the woman, Fox posted a photo of her, along with her name. The woman has apologized and called her comments simplistic and poorly worded, Perino said. But that’s not good enough for this crew.

Perino cited the name of a group you can contact that will “file a lawsuit for you” if someone in a hospital sounds too pro-racial justice. “You think, like, why would it even still be necessary,” Perino griped. Then she tossed to Gutfeld, a guy who openly called for a racial civil war, for his special brand of racial viciousness.

GUTFELD: The worst part about it is after listing all of those guilty of privilege, they claim that by definition such privilege is invisible to you. So, if you believe your achievements came through hard work and talent, it’s wrong. You can’t see it, but I can as an oppression overlord. So, if your privilege is invisible to you, then so is your defense against accusations of having it. What does that sound like? The witch trials, except they replaced drowning with racial justice. You die by DEI either way.

Then Gutfeld gloated over right-wing witch hunts. He thanked God for Libs of TikTok and Elon Musk’s Xitter. “The only reason this was retracted was because it was exposed and you could bet no journalists would have covered this because generally they’re cowards or they agree with this racist stuff,” he sneered.

“All you have to do is out them and they can’t fight back because they know it’s bad, because the response was, whoops, you got us,” Gutfeld continued. Once Hopkins saw what an “informed public” can “do to your endowment if they discover your institutional racism,” they backed down. “When money talks, DEI walks or in this case, it ran.”

This kind of talk is not just hateful and bigoted, it endangers whomever Fox scapegoats, usually someone without the clout or name recognition to fight back on an equal footing. And the network doesn’t care.


January 2024