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Dana Loesch Compares VP Kamala Harris To A ‘Hood Ornament’

Vice President Kamala Harris is a favorite punching bag for Republicans. We knew that would happen long before Election Day. And now, they have GOP Presidential hopeful Nikki Haley, whom they have to disrespect because the presumable Republican frontrunner has been targeting her on his flailing Truth Social platform. Jesse Watters had Dana Loesch on his show to smear the Vice President because why not?

Loesch is not a serious pundit, and I don’t even know if she is an actual pundit. WHAT DOES SHE DO? Well, we know that Harris has a real job. And Loesch is just some Twitter user who called me old once as if that was some sort of a slam. At least she can count. That’s more than what I thought she was capable of.

And sorry, Dana (I get to call her that now), but Nikki Haley is a Republican. Don’t try to give her to Democrats, k?

“Dana Loesch is a nationally syndicated radio host,” Watters said, clearing up what exactly Loesch does. “She joins me now. Dana, this is quick. I didn’t think this would happen so early, but it looks like Harris is president, and Biden’s back to being VP.”

She’s, like, struggling, man.

“I’m like struggling between being terrified and greatly amused because I also cringed when she said that she was scared,” Loesch insisted. “A strong woman is confident and prepared – a strong candidate. Can we stop with the woman? Oh my God. She’s like the Nikki Haley of the Democrat Party.”

“I’m so tired of people going; I’m a woman. I’m meh,” she continued. “No, a strong candidate would be confident and will go, you know what, I got this. We’re prepared. But also, a strong candidate wouldn’t campaign out of their basement. And I love what you just said about Joe Biden being MIA. I have, Jesse, in the past two weeks seen more stories on UFOs and like ten-foot-tall aliens and shadow monsters in Miami than I’ve actually seen Joe Biden.”

“I don’t know what he’s doing. We don’t know how he feels, but Kamala Harris going out there and selling this all – it’s word salad,” Loesch added. “I can’t tell you a single accomplishment that she’s done. Is she still border czar-ing? Do we even know? Have we confirmed this? Nobody knows. She’s like a hood ornament. That’s all she is on this administration. She’s a box-checking, we’ve got a woman, hood ornament, and that’s all they can say. And that’s not much.”

Keep treating women like shit, Republicans. The election isn’t far off. I love how they underestimate us while avoiding talking about the real topics as they try to rip our bodily autonomy from us. Keep it up, and pass the popcorn.


January 2024