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Lauren Boebert’s Son Accused His Dad Of ‘Throwing’ Him Around In 911 Call

One of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-Colo.) four sons called 911 in December to report that his dad, Jayson Boebert, was “throwing” him around the house, according to a recording of the call obtained by Colorado Springs ABC affiliate KRDO.

Although an officer visited the home, the father was not charged with a crime and denies hurting his son.

The unnamed son called 911 around 7 p.m. on Dec. 11 and told the dispatcher, “My dad’s been fucking throwing me around the house,” according to the recording.

The son told the dispatcher that he didn’t know why his dad was mad at him. “He threw me out of the house and he’s yelling at me to get away,” he said in the tape.

The dispatcher told the son she would send an officer to the home and asked if there were weapons on the premises.

“I mean, there are weapons in the house, yeah, but I don’t think he’d use them on me,” the son replied. “He just does this to me so much.”

He added that he was going to a farmhouse where his mother was staying “because there’s problems with them.” From there, he called 911 again and modified his story, saying, “All I wanted to say is me and my dad were starting to yell at each other. He didn’t really get physical with me, I was just overwhelmed.”

The congresswoman ― who filed for divorce from Jayson Boebert earlier this month ― then grabbed the phone to talk with the dispatcher.

“Hi, I’m the mom. OK, so there was an argument over dinner. I understand you guys got to come and talk to them. I’m down at our second location,” she said.

After the dispatcher told Boebert that officers were on their way, she said, “He doesn’t need help.” But she added that the officers could come over.

According to a police log of the incident cited by KRDO and Insider, the responding officer said Jayson Boebert told him he and his son had a verbal argument. Jayson Boebert told the officer he didn’t hurt his son but “maybe the door touched his butt on the way out.”

Meanwhile, the boy told the officer that he “wasn’t sure why he said that his dad hurt him, but he was upset and said it,” the log said, according to KRDO.

The officer wrote that there were no physical marks on the teen, everyone was cooperative and no crime was committed.

On Thursday, Jayson Boebert told Insider that “nothing physical” happened on Dec. 11 and that he disciplines his sons by making them run laps and do push-ups — not by hitting them.

“He overreacted. We’re back to being a family,” Jayson Boebert said, adding that all of his sons went through a period in their teen years where they didn’t always get along with him.

“Every teenage boy is going to want to test the bull,” he said. “We’ve gotten over it.”

HuffPost reached out to Rep. Boebert and she issued this statement: “The safety and well-being of my family are the most important things in the world to me. We’ve had some tough times and heartache. I’ve taken action to ensure there are better days ahead for all of us.”

Earlier this month, the Boeberts announced they are divorcing after nearly 18 years of marriage. Jayson Boebert reportedly threatened the process server who was trying to serve him divorce papers, although he has denied doing so.

The below recordings via KRDO contain disturbing language.