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DeSantis Attacks ‘Fauci-ism’ As Worse Than COVID Pandemic

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has made QAnon conspiracy theories his presidential platform, while blaming Dr. Fauci for the effects of Covid 19, instead of the virus and Trump’s mishandling of the pandemic.

During another press conference in New Hampshire, DeSantis claimed the Democratic party wants to institutionalize lockdowns as a way to destroy the country.

“They want to institutionalize lockdowns,” DeSantis said. “You know, it destroyed parts of the economy,” he continued. “And so the idea, and it didn’t stop the spread.”

Of course, many lives were saved. DeSantis’ view is to let a virus spread uninhibited, and your family rolls the dice to see who gets infected and who dies.

“So, so the idea that we would even be entertaining that going forward is absolutely crazy.”

“And so I think that we need to make sure that we say Fauci-ism was wrong,” DeSantis whined. “Fauci-ism was destructive and we will never let Fauci-ism take root in this country ever again.”

It’s never Donald Trump’s fault for anything.

DeSantis could have taken a shot at Trump here, but instead, he catered to the MAGA cult.

Dr. Fauci has become the fall guy for everything COVID for Republicans to excuse what Trump and Republicans did that was detrimental health and well-being of this country.