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Gov. Tim Walz: Minnesota Will Give Families True Freedoms

Re-elected Minnesota Governor Tim Walz told CNN’s Jim Acosta about the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis in his state.

He also explained how adults in Minnesota now will actually have true freedom in making their own decisions, due to a Democratic trifecta in the State House and Governor’s mansion.

“I want to ask you about another piece of legislation that you’ve enacted there in Minnesota. A bill to legalize recreational marijuana has passed the state legislature after weeks of debate and is now awaiting your signature,” Acosta said. “Are you going to sign that into law?”

“Yeah, I’m going to,” Waltz replied. “I trust adults to make their own decisions.”

We’re talking about freedoms.

You make your own healthcare decisions in Minnesota.

We’re not going to tell you how to deal with your children.

We’re going to allow teachers to teach.

We’re not going to ban books.

And we certainly believe that ending prohibition on cannabis is long overdue.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is using the far-right Christian nationalist fringe to govern and proclaim he is the only voice that decides matters on children, healthcare, education, libraries, clothes, and what companies can say and do for Floridians.

Not so in Minnesota.