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Michael McCaul, GOP Ventriloquist Dummy For Trump

Rep. McCaul, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, pulled a Kellyanne Conway on ABC News’ This Week, by rewording what Trump said after he refused to support Ukraine’s war against Russian invasion during CNN’s town hall.

Host Jonathan Karl began this segment by explaining how big an ally the Texas Congressman is of Ukraine.

“You’ve been a staunch ally of Ukraine in fending off this – the Russian aggression,” Karl said. “I want to play something that Donald Trump had to say at his town hall meeting this week.”

ABC then played video from the CNN town hall.

COLLINS: Can you say if you want Ukraine or Russia to win this war?

TRUMP: I want everybody to stop dying.

KARL: I mean what do you say to that? I mean he’s your Republican frontrunner right now.

MCCAUL: Well, and – and I think Donald Trump –

KARL: And he can’t say whether or not he wants Ukraine to win against Russia – Russian aggression.

MCCAUL: I think he always thinks in terms of winning and losing. I will say this, I think what he is thinking is that this counteroffensive, which is happening soon, will be so successful that we can have a cease-fire and maybe get to a negotiating phase.

Trump said nothing of the sort.

It wasn’t a trick question that required some sort of finesse that Trump doesn’t possess.

Does Trump understand what a “counteroffensive” is? To make Trump more palatable and not so much of a Russian puppet, McCaul refuses to answer the direct question and magically puts in his own words to substitute Trump’s moronic rantings.

McCaul is the latest ventriloquist dummy for Trump.