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Ron Johnson: GOP Can ‘Infer’ The Evidence Against Biden

Senator Ron Johnson went on Fox with Maria Bartiromo to try to explain the GOP’s case against the Biden family. It went as well as you might have expected.

Bartiromo started out with the usual leading softball question, about the mysterious bribes that the Biden family allegedly received. RoJo replies with a revealing mess of a word salad:

RoJo: Well, again, on the bank records, you’re not going to see bribe to change this policy. You have to infer what’s happening. You have to look at the bulk of the evidence. You have to follow the money. and realize so what did this Biden family member do to earn that amount of money? That’s what we did with Hunter Biden in Ukraine. What did he know about oil and gas to be on the board of Burisma and knock down $4 million over the course of a number of years while his father was the point person in Ukraine? That corrupt system. Again, you have to infer these things. You’re not going to necessarily get hard proof.”

RoJo then went on to lament the Russian disinformation that they were using as their “hard evidence” in 2020 that didn’t go anywhere because it was Russian disinformation.

Translated to English, what RoJo is saying that the GOP really doesn’t have anything but what wild allegations they are pulling out of their asses.. He also admitted that their accusations against Hunter Biden are also so much shit. And despite that they don’t have any proof of anything, they are still hoping to bluff the entire nation.

One would think that with all of the legal troubles the entire Trump Klan is facing, as well as another one of their own, George Santos, having been just arrested and charged, they would have at least a glimmer of an idea what evidence means and why it is so important in criminal matters. But then again, whoever accused Republicans of being smart, much less honest?