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Trump Insults Majority Of Voters At Town Hall

Donald Trump managed to insult the majority of voters that he’s going to need to get elected right off the bat during the lie-filled, pathetic town hall that CNN gave the sociopath.

CNN knew what they were getting by giving him airtime, but decided to do it anyway, and they ought to be careful with this stuff or they’re going to find themselves on the wrong end of another lawsuit for enabling these blatant and already discredited lies to be shown on their network.

You would think the suit Fox just settled with Dominion Voting Systems and the one they could be facing from Smartmatic would make another network think twice about airing Trump’s slander about all of these supposedly “stolen votes,” but apparently not, because they decided to air this garbage anyway: Trump Says People Who Accept 2020 Election Results Are ‘Very Stupid’ – Which Is Most Americans:

Former President Donald Trump doubled down on his false claims of election fraud in 2020, but went even further by calling those who accept the contest’s results as valid, “very stupid.”

Polling indicates that a majority of Americans do not believe the election was rigged.


Moderator Kaitlan Collins began the event by pointing to Trump’s ongoing claims that the 2020 presidential election was rigged against him, as well as his efforts to overturn it.

“Polls show that you are dominating the Republican race right now, but you are also under active federal investigation for trying to overturn the 2020 election results,” she said, referring to a probe into Trump’s actions after the election. “Your first term ended with a deadly riot at the Capitol, and you still have not publicly acknowledged the 2020 election result. Why should Americans put you back in the White House?”

Trump responded by saying he did too well in the election to lose, and added that, “unless you’re a very stupid person,” you can “see” the election was rigged:

Sadly the so-called “news” networks are going to let this clown continue to spread lies about losing the election to Joe Biden and it shouldn’t be the case that the only ones putting the brakes on this are the voting machine companies suing Trump. Shame on CNN for putting this liar on the air, and I hope they put themselves in legal jeopardy for doing it.