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Nicolle Wallace Cries While Discussing The Club Q Mass Shooting

Nicole Wallace cried while listening to author Dave Cullen talk about the bravery of an unarmed bartender who reportedly tackled the Club Q mass shooter.


Cullen said on Deadline: White House:

It was shocking to me, because I lived in Colorado for 16 years. And I spent so much time at gay bars in Colorado Springs. That’s where I started the book I’m working on now. And it is a rough place. It was called the Evangelical Vatican at that time. It was pretty intense. I don’t know if they’re still calling it that. I was taken aback by not just the bravery here, of all of the mass shootings that I can remember, Frank or somebody else might know, the Gabby Giffords shooting in Tucson is the only other one I can recall where an unarmed person disarmed the shooter. In that case, I believe it was an unarmed colonel until somebody jumped in. And they waited for the person to reload.

In this case, the person jumped in. My sources are telling me they believe now it was actually a transgender bartender who did it. Sorry, I get a little choked up. All the hate going against these people, you know, talking about these people, you know, you know,  dehumanizing them as unworthy, and, like, how many — either some gay guy or some transgender person is willing to stand up, stood up to a gunman. And you know — you know, more than you and I probably would be… You know, drag queens. What the hell? What’s wrong with a drag queen? But anyway, for all of those people, look, the biggest man here.

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As a nation, most of the country appears to have reached the point of sadness and emotional overload on mass shootings. These incidents are unnecessary and could be cut down with an assault weapons ban.

Nicolle Wallace is one of the best hosts on cable news and she could hold back tears while hearing about the pain that the hate being spread by the right causes and the bravery of someone who was willing to risk their life to stop the killing.

The right is inspiring and fueling this violence, and until the majority deal with this terroristic hate-filled minority, the killing will not stop.


November 2022