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Get Mike Pence Off The TV

Whenever a spineless jellyfish that worked for Trump writes a book, the beltway media salivates to put them on our TV, giving them free airtime to transmit on the topic they really want to discuss.

In Pence’s case it’s to gaslight all of Trump’s term and promote his Christian nationalist agenda.

If Pence agreed to testify to the January 6 Select Committer and tell the truth then I’d be more sympathetic to him, but like a Trump enabler, he refused.

Today’s appearance on Meet The Press was dreadful for this nation.

Pence wants to have a federal ban on abortion and give a fertilized egg constitutional protections while proselytizing about Jesus and the Bible.

Only an actual person has constitutional rights in America, Mike. Well, unless you’re a corporation. Because corporations are people too, I guess.

Pence blamed more deaths from COVID on President Biden than he did Trump. That should be considered a mortal f**king sin, Mike.

Pence pretended Trump respects law enforcement institutions.

Trump attacked law enforcement whenever they either refused his illegal demands, claimed Russia aided him in his first election or tried to hold him accountable.

And instead of telling the American people Trump is unfit he weaseled out again.

We had enough of Mike Pence’s smarmy voice during his term in office. He had his five minutes when said the election wasn’t stolen and he refuted Trump months ago.

Be gone, fool.


November 2022