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Klobuchar, Buttigieg End Presidential Campaigns, to Endorse Biden

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar will announce an end to her presidential campaign in Dallas on Monday and throw her weight behind former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sources close to the Klobuchar campaign confirmed to The Liberal Advocate Monday morning the senator will fly to Dallas, TX to join the former VP on stage and formally endorse Biden.

Over the weekend, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg ended his campaign and staffers confirmed Monday morning he will endorse VP Biden as well, although no definite date has been confirmed.

Biden campaign officials confirmed they are talking with Buttigieg and an announcement will be made soon on the date or time for the formal endorsement.

“We are still talking so I can’t give you a date or time yet. An announcement to that effect will be forthcoming,” the official told The Liberal Advocate on condition of anonymity so he could speak truthfully.

Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, spoke to VP Biden by phone moments after ending his campaign, people familiar with the conversation confined.

“Biden did ask the Mayor for his endorsement but the Mayor said he would not make an immediate decision. I think it should happen fairly quickly,” our source said.

The former Mayor also spoke with former U.S. President Barack Obama over the weekend but Obama was said to have told Buttigieg that it was up to the Mayor whom he chooses to endorse.

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