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Epstein….and trump like young women?

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This man, Epstein, is known to be a purveyor of women. He operated an organization that allowed wealthy men to fulfil their worst, most corrupt fantasies. The right has claimed for a long time that Clinton was part of the Lolitta train, but there is another person’s name was found in the testimony. Some of it more disgusting than other reports.

That person was non-other than the idol (golden god of the MAGA cult) trump. This is the story that I have pieced together even though I have sensed a lack of coverage by the mainstream media, there has been some leaks…and not in too extremely far out publications either as you will be able to tell from my links provided below.

This article published Jan 10, 2024 indicates that Epstein and trump were on the same plane, both Epsteins and trumps, at least 7 times. Apparently the indentity of the “customers” were disguised using the term Does…and trump was listed as doe174, there were apparenlty 200 of these people.

Two days before Yahoo picked this up, the following article was released by Business Insider.

It says pretty much the same sort of thing, that trump is Doe174. A poster on X has indicated that he has information which was followed up with this article at Newsweek.

The article details what was in the X post about trump being involved via Epstein in forcing a 13 year old girl to have Lesbian sex with another child approximately the same age. He was apparently quite abusive in his treatment of both girls.

I have always believed that trump was at the very least as involved with Epstein as people were suggesting Clinton was, and likely more so. And trump definitely has a history of not condemning or critizing Epstein and Ms Maxwell “over largely” wishing Ms Maxwell the best and saying merely that Epstein liked young women even better than he did.

I am publishing this because I think the corporate media is once more letter trum’s corruption and brutality get back without pushback. This man is not only bad for America, he is bad for any hint at morality.


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