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ICYMI: Trump’s rhetoric crosses a line as Musk faces backlash

Trump and Musk double down on antisemitism

Donald Trump shovels so much crap into the political discourse that people often shrug off his behavior as “Trump being Trump.” But over the past nine days, he seems to have finally reached the limits of some people’s tolerance. First, on Nov. 11, he attacked his political enemies as “vermin”—a move straight out of the fascist’s playbook—and then he doubled down on that this past Sunday, with the antisemitic promise to “drive out the globalists” in a “final battle.” 

And if that weren’t bad enough … What kind of a jag-off mocks Jimmy Carter as his wife is dying? Trump, that’s who.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk is facing immediate consequences for his bigotry. It all started on Nov. 15, when Musk endorsed a post that blamed “Jewish communities” for pushing “dialectical hatred against whites.” Advertisers have since fled in droves. The White House blasted Musk. At the same time, Missouri’s right-wing attorney general showed his partisan incompetence by sucking up to Musk.

After Musk tweeted early Saturday morning, “The split second court opens on Monday, X Corp will be filing a thermonuclear lawsuit,” Media Matters, the target of that supposed lawsuit, had this incredible response.

Oh, and as of the time of publishing (Monday evening), that promised lawsuit hadn’t yet been filed.

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