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John Eastman Whines About ‘Becoming Toxic’ After Trying To Steal Election

Attorney John Eastman on Monday complained that he and other lawyers were considered “toxic” after working to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump.

During an interview on The Charlie Kirk Show, Eastman complained about disbarment proceedings he is facing in California.

“But we’re now entering week five, and there will be at least another week, six weeks of a full trial addressing claims against me that were initiated by this radical left-wing group called States United Democracy Center,” Eastman said. “This is part of the overall effort to disbar every attorney that had any involvement with the Trump legal challenges in 2020.”

“But more importantly, as its sister-in-arms cohort, the 65 Project founders, said, our goal is not just to disbar these attorneys, but to make them so toxic in their firms and in their communities that right-wing legal talent will never want to take on these election challenges again,” he continued.

Eastman argued that attorneys would hesitate to represent conservative causes, “whether it’s vaccine issues, whether it’s transgender men in your daughter’s locker rooms.”

“And the costs they’re trying to impose on me and my family, millions of dollars in legal fees, it’s having its effect,” he admitted. “People are scared to stand up.”

“I wish maybe I was more scared,” the attorney added, “but I’m taking it on and fighting it with everything we got because, I mean, our ability to be a free people is at stake here, in my view.”

Eastman is also facing criminal charges in Georgia for allegedly conspiring to overturn the presidential election.


September 2023