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Fox Host Proclaims Her Pronouns ‘U.S.A.’ in Weird Monologue

Fox News Tonight guest host Harris Faulkner opened Monday’s show with a thoroughly patriotic and religious monologue—one that included a strange line about her own pronouns.

“We are the greatest nation on Earth,” Faulkner began, setting the tone for the next few minutes. “Right now, we need to remind some folk that we belong in our divinely given place at the top.”

Faulkner, the supposed “straight news” anchor of the Fox News morning show The Faulkner Focus, remarked how “it feels like the proverbial hour is midnight” in the U.S.

“Faith is under attack,” Faulkner claimed, after mentioning the mass shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville in March.

“Enough is enough. I mean, is it enough for you? It is for me. We are in a spiritual fight for the soul of America, and if you think that’s not true, take a look around at what’s going on. The devil has gotten into some people. The worst part of experiencing our country ripping at the seams is that our enemies are massing, feasting on the tastiness of our weaknesses,” she said vividly.

Faulkner, who once said that Joe Biden “hates at least half” the country, then aired an unflattering compilation of the president, since it seems that no primetime Fox News broadcast is complete without one.

The latest of several fill-in hosts during the 8:00 p.m. hour since Tucker Carlson’s firing, Faulkner then honed in on some right-wing grievances popular with the primetime audience.

“Women and children are being redesigned by some sort of mad leftist science experiment,” she asserted. “It’s as though people on the left have more free time than anybody else. They want to acronym and pronoun us to death. Well know this: the Lord has determined I am a woman, and my pronouns are U.S.A.”

Faulkner repeatedly invoked faith throughout her monologue, encouraging “those who believe” to “be bold in our faith right now.” She also claimed to have been kicked out of a restaurant for praying.

“When you gather in public spaces, pray thankfully over your food, even when the server gives you the stink-eye or tells the manager that your peaceful grace is triggering them,” she said. “I had it happen to me. I’ve been asked to leave a restaurant for openly bowing my head in prayer hands. In America. It’s all good. They don’t deserve my money anyway.”

The Daily Beast has reached out to Fox for further details of the restaurant drama, including the name of the establishment and the date it occurred.

“My faith determines my values, and I hope you are living by your values and what brings you joy and peace and love,” Faulkner added. “I believe people can love who they want. Be free. Be happy. Just don’t force me to bend to your will and your belief system simply because you feel a certain way.”