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Maria Bartiromo Melts Down And Gives Away The GOP’s Smear Biden Game

Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo complained that the mainstream media is refusing to cover the House GOP’s smear campaign against President Biden.


Bartiromo said, “Despite the 36-page report on how the Biden family operated its foreign business enterprise, the mainstream media ignored or outright dismissed the story. None of the three major networks, ABC, CBS or NBC, devoted a second to the story during their evening newscasts. Meanwhile, major news publications instead of conducting investigative journalism into the Bidens’ business activities, they quickly brushed off the report that House Republicans could identify as a reason for family members to be paid by these foreigners.”

The conspiracy theory that Comer is pushing dates back to the 2020 election and Russian disinformation that was given to Rudy Giuliani.

Bartiromo was outraged because Republicans are trying to repeat the 2016 playbook where they used congressional investigations to elevate conspiracy theories to attack Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump.

The name of the game is to launder the conspiracy theories and disinformation through the congressional oversight process, so that they elevated and picked up by the mainstream media. However, the media already examined these Republican claims three years ago and found them to be baseless, which is why they are not bothering to report on Rep. Comer’s fact free hysterics.

Maria Bartiromo knows that Fox News is not enough. Unless the mainstream press covers and elevates these GOP smears they will not make a difference in the 2024 election.

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