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The Recap: The case for Biden, and Trump’s a-lyin’

A daily roundup of the best stories and cartoons by Daily Kos staff and contributors to keep you in the know.

Biden is going to win. Here are 11 reasons why

Now you have all the talking points next time your friend calls freaking out over the election.

How Matt Gaetz is fighting off McCarthy’s revenge tour

And the feud is only ramping up.

Trump has been lying about Biden’s mental state. And the debate will prove it

Trump may need to rethink how he’s approaching this debate.

Cartoon: Commandments for hypocrites

And they should be posted in every Trump building. 

From ‘Little Marco’ to Trump VP hopeful: How did Rubio fall so far?

Remember when he was supposed to be the savior of the GOP?

Biden wants voters to know Trump’s worse now, even if GOP won’t admit it 

When he lost in 2020, something snapped.

7 stories to know: Trump’s unhinged weekend, a solar power boom, and the worsening internet

Plus, poor Steve Bannon, a win for Uber and Lyft drivers, and you can help scientists figure out how memory works.

Trump’s ‘invasion’ slur against immigrants isn’t just racist. It’s false

The facts are not on his side.

Study shows a Trump economy would be even more ruinous than you’d imagine

This is just one more area where it seems like the choice should be blindingly obvious.

Tim Scott climbs to top of Trump’s list in VP race to the bottom

While Scott may be perfect for Trump, he’d be a disaster for this country.

Republicans against Biden’s climate bills are now reaping the benefits

They voted against it, but boy do they love taking credit for all the good it does.

Ukraine Update: Striking across the Russian border is critical to Ukraine’s survival

Even as Russia ran up another hideous tally of lost men and machines, a new tactic has become more dominant.

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