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Jim Acosta Lists All The Crazy Sh*t Trump Said In Meeting With Republicans

You would think after the felonious moron magnet praised “the Great Hannibal Lecter” last month, his handlers freaked the fuck out and explained to him that expressing admiration for a serial killer is bad, but nope. He did it again. CNN’s Jim Acosta read a few of the more batshit crazy things Donald Trump said to Republicans during his policy meeting when he returned to the scene of the crime.

“But during his remarks to House Republicans, Trump also complimented the fictional serial killer, Hannibal Lecter,” Acosta said.

“He reportedly spoke of a great romance with Nancy Pelosi in Another Life, whined about Taylor Swift, and called Milwaukee, which is hosting the Republican National Convention next month, a quote, horrible city, a moment Milwaukee’s hometown newspaper prominently featured on its front page this morning,” he added.

The Pelosi thing is weird. It’s all weird.

“Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is a whacko, her daughter told me if things were different Nancy and I would be perfect together, there’s an age difference though,” Trump reportedly said.

Pelosi’s daughter, Christine, called his little fantasy about her mother a lie.

“Speaking for all 4 Pelosi daughters—this is a LIE,” Christine Pelosi tweeted. “His deceitful, deranged obsession with our mother is yet another reason Donald Trump is unwell, unhinged and unfit to step foot anywhere near her—or the White House.”


June 2024