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Chuck Schumer Says Democrats Are Ready To Pass Bump Stock Ban After SCOTUS Overturn

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that Democrats are to pass a bump stock ban, but it will be up to Republicans to supply additional votes.

Schumer responded to the Supreme Court overturning the bump stock ban by saying:

The far-right Supreme Court continues their unprecedented assault on public safety by reversing the commonsense guidance issued in 2018 by the ATF. Bump stocks have played a devastating role in many of the horrific mass shootings in our country, but sadly it’s no surprise to see the Supreme Court roll back this necessary public safety rule as they push their out of touch extreme agenda. They’re even further to the right of Donald Trump.

As I warned the Trump administration at the time, the only way to permanently close this loophole is through legislation. Senate Democrats are ready to pass legislation to ban bump stocks but we will need votes from Senate Republicans.

The far-right and very extreme Supreme Court majority seems hellbent on negating any government authority for the public good. If there was no filibuster rule, Senate Democrats could pass a bill to legislatively ban bump stocks, but since we are in an election year, Senate Republicans will line up in support of an implement that has no other purpose but to make guns more deadly by enabling a mass shooter to kill more people in a shorter period of time.

Democrats are ready to act to save lives, and it will be telling if Republicans refuse to join them.


June 2024