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Lara Trump Threatens Jurors: ‘What Happens To Them?’

The co-head of the RNC, Lara Trump and disgraced racist Carl Higbie claimed to be worried about the health of the 12 jurors that unanimously convicted Trump on all 34 counts which has made him a felon.

Higbie, has a long history of denigrating minorities, Muslims, military sufferers of PTSD, LGBTQ communities and wanting to shoot undocumented immigrants crossing into the US. His words were so outrageous he was forced to resign frim the Trump administration in 2018, so he’s the perfect Newsmax host. “Laura, I mean, the other thing too is, look, these jurors are going to be like people, they’re gonna find out who these people are,” he asked..

Lara: Is Alvin Bragg gonna commit to making sure that they maintain their jobs, that they have security, God forbid?

Are these the people that, is this what we need to worry about now?

Like if you’re doing your civic duty, that you put yourself in jeopardy like this?

Yeah, it’s a real thing you have to think about these days now, apparently, thanks to Alvin Bragg.

Thanks to, I’m sure we can say thanks to Joe Biden, this is happening.

It’s hard to blame the jurors though, Carl, because look, these people were led down a path so directly to this conclusion, to this verdict by the judge from the very beginning, everything possible stacked against Donald Trump.

They asked for a change of venue. They asked for a different judge. They asked for this judge to recuse himself. He should have never been presiding over this case.

Every single possible turn, everything was weighed in favor of the defense, in favor of the prosecution and against the defense.

And it’s hard to blame the jurors, but yeah, you put these people in this position and now what?

Now what happens to them?

Criminal defendants do not get to pick and choose their judge, or their venues, Lara.

Now what happens to our country? We can never go back from this point, but I think we do have to take America back and we have to make sure we never see another day like this in the United States.

If Lara Trump wants to make sure she never sees another day like this, tell the felon Diminished Donald to stop breaking the law.


June 2024