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I Want To Report A Murder, Please. A Debate Moderator Killed BoBo:(

Channel 9’s Kyle Clark held controversial Rep. Lauren Boebert’s feet to the fire during a debate for Colorado’s 4th district. We’ve written about Clark before, and if BoBo did her homework, then she knew it was going to be a rough evening because he’s good at what he does.

“Do you want to talk about the theater thing?” Clark asked.

Boebert said that she apologized for her conduct when she was seen on video grabbing her date’s junk. Still, Clark took it a step further and asked if she had apologized to the theater workers that she disrespected when Boebert was escorted out of the theater, where she was seen giving them the middle finger. And Boebert called it a “private moment” even though she made it a public display.

“Did you apologize for lying to voters about what you did that night and the disrespect you showed to service workers,” Clark asked. “What specifically were you apologizing for?”

“I don’t believe there was disrespect,” Boebert insisted. “Things were absolutely taken out of context.”

Fact check: Wrong, but at least she’s consistent.

“There’s a video of your interactions with service workers,” Clark calmly shot back.

“Well, it has been reported that I flipped someone off, and I did not,” Boebert falsely said. “I think it has been very mischaracterized. I’m apologizing for you, Kyle Clark, for getting video and releasing that and people seeing it in a very private moment.”

Boebs was also called out for claiming credit for projects in Colorado, which she voted against.

She’s just a liar. A pathetic liar.

Kyle Clark is a model of how debate moderators should conduct themselves. Those weren’t gotcha questions, and he wouldn’t let her slide over her blatant hypocrisy.


June 2024