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Eric Trump Somehow Thinks His Dad Built NYC’s Skyline

Eric Trump continued his family’s crusade against New York Attorney General Letitia James on Sunday, touting his father’s accomplishments—including, incredulously, the claim that the elder Trump was responsible for building New York’s skyline.

“I’m a guy that grew up in New York, my father built the skyline of New York,” he told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures. “This is election interference.”

Trump continued to rail against the New York attorney general without Bartiromo following up on the claim, though records indicated it was dubious. Trump’s hand in various New York City properties—a small fraction of the tens of thousands of buildings in Manhattan alone—amounted to licensing agreements of his name and brand along with partial ownerships, according to a review by Curbed.

Those properties include various parts of the Trump International Hotel (which is owned by General Electric and the Galbreath Company), The Trump Building (of which Trump solely owns the ground lease), and the infamous Trump Tower, of which the Trump Organization owns and operates the retail and commercial spaces. Trump also maintains his New York residence here.

All of these assets could be up for seizure by the Attorney General should Trump fail to post a bond accounting for the full $464 million judgment in his New York fraud case by his Monday deadline. During the Sunday interview, Eric Trump also railed against how Judge Arthur Engoron came to that number.

“I’m trying to understand how this number came about, $454 million, or $464 million, and what the real number is,” Baritomo asked. “How did they come up with this number?”

“You know what,” Trump said. “It’s a crooked number!”


March 2024