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Greg Gutfeld Demands Fox Move to Florida After Trump’s NY Fraud Fine

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld seemed particularly aggrieved on Wednesday’s episode of The Five, urging his employer to relocate to Florida because Donald Trump lost his bank fraud trial in New York state court last week.

Gutfeld began with a full-fledged defense of Trump’s activities that earned him a $364 million fine—not including interest—and a three-year ban from running a New York corporation.

“He broke no laws,” Gutfeld said, echoing the Trump family line. He went on to falsely insist that inflating the value of assets to get favorable loans and then deflating those same assets’ values for tax purposes “can’t be fraud” because “there is no victim.”

“When people bring up Trump, they always say, ‘No one is above the law.’” Gutfeld continued. “It’s about being below the law. Trump is below the law, meaning you can punish him for not crossing into illegality, much like the rest of us.”

The former president, Gutfeld added, “is 100 percent innocent,” and the massive civil fraud judgment—which is expected to test Trump’s pocket book—“is all an act to keep Trump off his game.”

“That’s all this is,” he claimed, before citing Trump’s latest legal development as the reason his employer should set up shop somewhere else.

“This is why we all need to move to Florida, Fox!” Gutfeld said. “Because I never thought that my politics [and] political choices would affect my privacy, my speech and my livelihood … What they did to Trump, they’re going to do to you and me.”

Gutfeld’s request follows far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones urging truckers to not enter New York City in light of Trump’s substantial fine, which he hasn’t directly explained how he’ll pay.


February 2024