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Lauren Boebert utterly humiliated in Colorado straw poll

Rep. Lauren Boebert has received underwhelming reviews after her first debate for Colorado’s 4th Congressional District seat last week. A straw poll conducted at the event put her in fifth place out of the nine Republicans on the stage that night. 

Over the weekend, Boebert’s poor showing trended on social media, and was capped off by rising Democratic star Rep. Jasmine Crockett writing on the site formerly known as Twitter, “Before I go to bed, I thought it would only be fitting to send ‘thoughts & prayers’ to my colleague, Lauren Boebert. It’s my understanding that she placed 5th in her first straw poll of the election cycle. Now how many of y’all think BoBo gonna try to convince us that polls don’t matter… of course unless they are trash for Biden & great for Trump!”

Crockett has made news for her substantive attacks on Republican hypocrisy, showing herself to be more than up to the task of governing. Even Boebert’s lightest forays into grandstanding in recent months have exposed her as being not only ignorant, but lacking even the most basic rhetorical skills.

The straw poll that was conducted is by no means a scientific survey, and it is still early in the primary process for the 10 Republican candidates. (Only nine were at the debate.) But as debate organizer Tammy Klein told Colorado Politics, “In all honesty, I don’t think the candidates had time to rally all their supporters to buy tickets, especially with as many candidates as there were.”

Of the 117 votes cast at the event, Boebert received 12 votes, slotting in behind Logan County Commissioner Jerry Sonnenberg, who once claimed that lower carbon emissions would “kill all the trees and plants,” and Rep. Mike Lynch, who recently resigned as minority leader of the Colorado House Republicans after his 2022 DUI arrest was leaked to the press.

Boebert’s last campaign cycle came under a similar conservative backlash to pathological fibber Madison Cawthorne. Cawthorne was only able to attack his way through one term before being ousted as the incumbent from the North Carolina Republican primary in 2022

In December, in a bid most people recognized as her best shot at staying in Congress after barely pulling off a victory against her Democratic opponent by less than 600 votes, Boebert announced she was switching districts. Her announcement came not long after video surfaced showing the Colorado congresswomen being kicked out of a local theater for vaping, making a lot of noise, and acting like a general menace during a production of the musical “Beetlejuice.”

The popular Republicans against Trump X account posted a response to Boebert’s sad debate night, writing, “She’s finished.”

In the end, the good news is that Boebert may very well be finished as a congresswoman. The bad news is that three of the four people ahead of her in that poll bragged (alongside Boebert and two others) about being arrested. The choices for the deeply red 4th District do not inspire confidence in a return to sanity.

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