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‘Total Crackpot’ Elise Stefanik Deletes Her Statement Condemning Jan. 6

One thing is certain (besides death and taxes) is that Elise Stefanik really, really wants to be Trump’s running mate. And to do it she’ll go to any lengths, such as calling January 6 offenders “hostages” and other inanities. When Liz Cheney pointed out her obvious hypocrisy, Stefanik did what all Republicans do who lack any semblance of self-respect: they delete the evidence.

Source: The Guardian

Elise Stefanik of New York, a top House Republican and a leading contender to be Donald Trump’s presidential running mate, is “a total crackpot”, the former Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney said.

Cheney threw the barb on Tuesday, in response to a statement in which Stefanik called the House January 6 committee on which Cheney was vice-chair “illegitimate and unconstitutional” and claimed it “illegally deleted records”.

Cheney said: “This is what Elise Stefanik⁩ said, in a rare moment of honesty, about the … attack on our Capitol.”

Cheney posted Stefanik’s statement from 6 January 2021, the day Trump supporters stormed Congress after he told them to “fight like hell” to overturn his defeat by Joe Biden, a riot now linked to nine deaths.

Cheney added: “One day she will have to explain how and why she morphed into a total crackpot. History, and our children, deserve to know.”

And how did Stefanik respond? Well, first she reiterated her attack that the committee Liz Cheney was on “illegally deleted records of their sham investigation and obstructed justice.” A spokesperson for Stefanik said: “Liz Cheney’s only remaining relevance is that she will soon have to answer for her role in deleting and hiding evidence from the investigation into the sham January 6 select committee.” Cheney has said, “You and your lawyers have had the [January 6] committee materials … plus the grand jury info and much more for months. Lying about the evidence in all caps won’t change the facts. A public trial will show it all.” Cheney knows full well that the last thing that Elise Stefanik (or Trump) wants though is a public trial, and all she’s doing is blowing smoke.

But here’s the kicker: After Stefanik accused Cheney of deleting evidence she deleted her statement saying that those who stormed the Capitol “must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Click on the link and you’ll get an ERROR message.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Elise Stefanik.


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