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Tim Scott Calls Trump ‘A Return To Normalcy’ Despite E. Jean Carroll Case

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) reacted to the verdict in the E. Jean Carroll sexual abuse case by doubling down on his support of former President Donald Trump.

During a Sunday interview on ABC’s This Week program, host Martha Raddatz asked the surrogate if he was bothered after a jury ordered Trump to pay $83 million for defaming Carroll.

“Does that give you any pause in your support?” Raddatz wondered.

“I saw that all the voters that support Donald Trump support a return to normalcy as it relates to what affects their kitchen table,” Scott replied, changing the subject. “The average person in our country, Martha, they’re not talking about lawsuits.”

“As a matter of fact, what I have seen, however, is that the perception that the legal system is being weaponized against Donald Trump is actually increasing his poll numbers,” he insisted.

Raddatz pressed: “I understand that, but this was- they were jury trials. They started when Donald Trump was president. That doesn’t- that gives you no pause whatsoever?”

“The Democrats don’t pause when they think about Hunter Biden and the challenges that he brings to his father,” Scott asserted. “The one thing I think the electorate is thinking about most often is how in the world will the next president impact my quality of life?”

“They were better off under Trump, and they’re looking for four more years of low inflation, low crime, low unemployment, and high enthusiasm for our country,” he added. “We haven’t had that in the last four years.”


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