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ICYMI: Trump storms out of court, and a Republican sees women as livestock

Wisconsin GOP lawmaker says the quiet part out loud: Women are breeding stock

This man really said he knows “mammalian fetal development better than probably anyone here.” 

Cartoon: The lamb bites back

Speaking of farm animals, we hope this little lamb is about to get paid big-time. 

Donald Trump walks out of court during closing arguments of defamation trial

Big “You can’t handle the truth!” energy today

Watch Fox gush over Biden’s economy

This was delicious.

Bidenomics is working

And it’s hard not to see why Fox would gush when things are going this well.

GOP wants to woo Latino voters, but RNC shutters most of its Hispanic Outreach Centers

Put that coffee down if you’re anywhere near a keyboard.

Democrats are blowing up House GOP efforts to take down Biden

Democrats aren’t just tearing Republican arguments apart: They’re derailing hearings and getting their opponents genuinely flustered.

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Republicans are threatening to purge anyone who isn’t MAGA

Trump and his allies are making it abundantly clear that loyalty to MAGA is the biggest job requirement of all. Especially for federal employees. 

Haley becomes a useful tool for Biden now that she’s finally anti-Trump

Someone is definitely sharpening her knives, and that is great news for President Joe Biden.

The three genders, per one GOP super PAC: Male, working woman and homemaker

Which one are you, little lady?

UAW shares rousing endorsement of Biden, union president calls Trump a ‘scab’

Drag him! No wonder Biden is reportedly starting to get under Trump’s skin.

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