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ICYMI: Trump testifies, a Trump aide gets jail time, and the RNC gives up on democracy

The RNC says f— you, democracy. We pick Trump

This resolution is just plain bonkers.

Donald Trump testifies in his defense in E. Jean Carroll defamation suit

The accused had another very unpleasant day in court.

Former Trump official Peter Navarro sentenced to 4 months for defying House subpoena

The judge was not in the mood for the “chutzpah” of Peter Navarro and his sorry defense.

5 reasons for Democrats to like what they saw in New Hampshire. A lot

Let’s dive into good news!

Cartoon: Footwear

You almost feel sorry for Ron DeSantis in this one. Almost.

Trump slams Kayleigh McEnany after she dares to question his campaign

Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was on Fox News’ Jesse Watters post-primary roundtable, and she attempted to do real analysis. Bad move!

Despite Trump’s current laughable lawyers, his DOJ could be staffed with skilled radicals

If you thought Trump’s first administration was bad, wait till you see who could be tapped for positions in a second administration.

Trump allies ridicule GOP impeachment inquiry for failing to find dirt on Biden

Rep. James Comer’s efforts have been described as a “parade of embarrassments,” and it’s easy to see why.

More top stories:

Arizona GOP boss quits after leaked tape of him trying to bribe Kari Lake

Threats, blackmail, and much more—the Arizona GOP is really going through some things.

Florida Republicans advance bill to make kids ‘start working full-time’

According to these folks, not allowing 16-year-olds to work full-time jobs is “weakening our society.”

Libs of TikTok vows to ‘get porn’ out of Oklahoma schools, while Florida challenges book banners

This isn’t just an attack on books, it’s a full-blown attack on education.

Biden revisits decaying Wisconsin bridge to announce $5B for infrastructure

Building literal bridges and making a strong case for reelection.

Missouri GOP is at war with its own Freedom Caucus

The rage and incompetence of the House Freedom Caucus is spreading to state legislatures.

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