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UAW President Shawn Fain: Trump Is A Scab

On Tuesday, United Auto Workers announced their endorsement of President Joe Biden for 2024. During the announcement, UAW President Shawn Fain came out and said the plain truth, Donald Trump is anti-union which makes him a scab. After the announcement, Fain did the circuit of news channels to explain why the UAW endorsed Biden over Trump. One of the most notable interviews was the one on Fox, which left the host probably wishing he hadn’t opened the door to Fain.

Fain went over a list of grievances against Trump, item by item, naming off some of the anit-union stunts Trump had pulled over the years, including sabotaging an organizing drive at a VW plant or how Trump turned a blind eye to workers in need because their plant was shutting down. Not only did Fain going through the list of Trump’s anti-union dirty deeds, but also did a compare and contrast with Biden, who made the NLRB more worker friendly, stood by workers and saved two plants and their communities and joined workers on the picket line, calling for the Big 3 automakers to share their record profits with the workers through record contracts.

For your further enjoyment, here is a clip from Fain’s speech, announcing the endorsement:

I would expect that all the other unions will be also making the same endorsement in the relatively near future as the race becomes more definite that it will be a replay of 2020.

On a side note, the sores that Trump has shown on his hands and that heavy Nutella-colored cover up he’s been using on his face does make him look even more of a scabby rat, doesn’t it?


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