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Goodbye to Haley the hawk

No, she hasn’t dropped out. But it’s abundantly clear from the Brian Potter at Construction Physics.

  • “The Supreme Court sided with the Biden administration on Monday, allowing federal officials to cut or remove parts of a concertina-wire barrier along the Mexican border that Texas erected to keep migrants from crossing into the state,” reports The New York Times. “The ruling, by a 5-to-4 vote, was a victory for the administration in the increasingly bitter dispute between the White House and Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, an outspoken critic of President Biden’s border policy who has shipped busloads of migrants to northern cities.”
  • Good thread about sweatshops and organ selling:
    • “There’s a common belief that people with past addictions should never take any potentially addictive substances for medical reasons—period,” writes Maia Szalavitz in The New York Times. “As a result, some languish in extreme pain because they believe that drug exposure will cause them to lose control and immediately return to active addiction.”
    • Democrats look like they’re gearing up to regulate Zyn nicotine pouches away:


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