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Charlie Kirk Demands TX Gov Start A Civil War Over Razor Wire

Charlie Kirk is calling for civil war over a Supreme Court ruling allowing the Biden administration to remove razor wire installed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott at the Mexican border.

So, while Kirk said nothing about going to Texas and joining a fight that “would make January 6th look like child’s play,” he had plenty of instructions for others to resist, get arrested or much worse. Not complying with the Supreme Court ruling would provide “the seeds of a civil war,” Kirk said. “I’m all on board.”

He meant he is all on board for others to risk their freedoms and/or lives. Over razor wire:

KIRK: If we had an actual governor of Texas that was willing, a hundred percent defy this. Greg Abbott has to be willing this. Do not defy it half. If you’re going to defy, here’s how it works. Press conference flanked by your most loyal Texas Rangers. “I’m ignoring the Supreme Court’s decision. I will enforce the border of Texas. If you’re gonna arrest me, you have to go through the Texas Rangers.”

But Abbott’s not gonna do this, guys. Abbott is a nice, weak person. He thinks that barbed wire is like this, you know, a big statement, like, give me a break.

So, Texas should only defy if they’re actually willing to play ball here. Not tweets, not press releases, not emails, not photo ops. Texas should, but you have to be ready to go all in and be ready for the most serious constitutional crisis since the American Civil War.

Other MAGA extremists, including Kremlin darling Tucker Carlson, are making similar demands for the state not to comply with the rule of law

Kirk and his ilk can call themselves patriots all they want. The truth is that he and his fellow hatemongers-for-profit are working to tear apart America, its institutions, its democracy and its constitution.


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