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AOC Is NOT Gonna Date You, Greg Gutfeld

It’s obvious that Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld has a chubby for Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, and we don’t blame him. It’s OK, Greg. She’s smart, pretty, capable, and she can dance. Gutfeld brought up AOC allegedly saying that people “who support Trump are projecting their masculine insecurity,” and that upset him for some reason. I wonder why that is. (He wants her).

“When AOC happily psychoanalyzes groups of people, then it’s an invitation to return the favor, right?” he said. “If she can do it. She’s saying that people who support Trump are projecting their masculine insecurity.”

“But isn’t she saying that because of her own insecurities about her boyfriend’s masculinity, right?” Gutfeld insisted. “She must realize how soft and buttery and feminine progressive males are, and it’s hard to get horny with a snowflake.”

“So it’s why — I think this is why she’s so pro-illegal immigration,” he added. “She’s projecting her secret desires for young, virile men who are coming here in droves, and she’s stuck with pajama boy, and it’s driving her crazy. All these Trump supporters, men, MMA fighters, drives her nuts.”

No, Greg, she’s not going to fuck you. As for her boyfriend, Gutfeld needs to stop thinking of him in a sexual manner. He’s taken. And to respond to Greg’s strange remark about progressive males being “soft and buttery” and that it’s “hard to get horny with a snowflake,” I have to wonder why he’s tried to get horny while thinking of snowflakes. Although the biggest, whiniest snowflake in the country is Donald J. Trump, so I get it. I can’t get horny thinking of him either. I’d rather be celibate like Melania for the rest of my life if that were my only way out.

I hope AOC has a security detail. Gutfeld is obsessing over her, and it’s kind of weird. He’s also completely unfuckable. I just wanted to point that out.

Eat your heart out, Greg:


January 2024