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2024 New Hampshire Primary Live Updates: Trump Projected To Win

The Democratic Majority for Israel PAC, the super PAC arm of a major pro-Israel group, is trying to prevent New Hampshire’s Secretary of State from tallying the number of ballots in which voters write in the word “ceasefire,” The Forward reported on Monday.

In his letter to Secretary of State David Scanlan, DMFI PAC Chairman Mark Mellman argued that providing a tally of the “ceasefire” write-in ballots is inconsistent with New Hampshire election law, since “ceasefire” is not a person.

“New Hampshire law requires election moderators to examine ballots for ‘write-in votes that are for a person,’” Mellman wrote, quoting state law.

The letter is an attempt to undermine pro-Palestine activists’ grassroots campaign to use the New Hampshire presidential primary to express their support for an end to hostilities in Israel’s war with the Palestinian group Hamas in Gaza. Israel, a recipient of nearly $4 billion in annual U.S. military aid, mounted the invasion following an unprecedented terror attack by Hamas that killed 1,200 Israelis. But critics of the war, which has resulted in the deaths of more than 25,000 Palestinians and created a humanitarian crisis for those who have survived, believe that Israel has engaged in war crimes that are punishing the entire Gazan population.

A spokesperson for New Hampshire’s office of the Secretary of State previously told HuffPost that the state would tally the “ceasefire” write-in ballots because they were the product of an organized campaign.

DMFI PAC is also supporting mainstream Democrats’ campaign to get New Hampshire voters to write in President Joe Biden on their ballots. Biden declined to appear on the ballot after New Hampshire went ahead with its first-in-the-nation primary after the Democratic National Committee changed its place on the presidential primary schedule.


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