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‘Not Exactly Worried’: Republican Shrugs Off Abortion Rights On CBS Voter Panel

A Republican voter told CBS News that he was “not exactly worried” about abortion rights for women.

During CBS’ Face the Nation program on Sunday, host Margaret Brennan asked a panel of Michigan voters about what would happen to abortion rights if Donald Trump was re-elected.

“Do you think that there will be federal limits on abortion access?” Brennan said to a Republican voter named Sean.

“No, I don’t believe so, because I think the court has been quite clear, and this was through their opinion in the Dobbs case, allowing states to tailor their own methods for regulating abortion and then in the several concurrences by the justices who wrote that opinion, that it wasn’t going to be federally regulated,” the Republican voter said. “The only way you can do that is if you change the Constitution.”

“Or write a new law,” Brennan pointed out.

“Well, they could write a new law, but unless they add it into an amendment, then I could see the court swiftly striking it down like the court does with many things in either presidency for Trump or Biden,” Sean said. “So I’m not exactly worried about that issue.”

“I would like to see instead what I just said, where Congress does make an amendment protecting the life of everyone, including people in the womb,” he added.

But two women Democrats on the panel quickly disagreed.

“I wish I had confidence that you say in our Supreme Court justices,” one Democrat said. “I’m very concerned about reproductive freedom in this country.”

“Same,” the second woman agreed. “I think it was, you know, looking bigger picture, just the last few Supreme Court nominees, the process was totally upended and totally disregarded.”

“And I think it starts with that, and then freedoms were rolled back, such as reproductive freedoms,” she remarked. “I think just again, the American people are for some type of abortion protection. Certainly, there’s a sliding scale, but for the federal government to just disregard that and go the other way, I think, is appalling.”


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