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Tim Scott Refuses To Give Straight Answer On Calling Insurrectionists ‘Hostages’

As we discussed here, South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott just endorsed Donald Trump, claiming that the man facing 91 felony counts is the one who is going to “unite the country” and “restore law and order,” and somehow avoiding being struck by lightening in the process.

Scott made an appearance on this Sunday’s State of the Union on CNN, and was asked about his endorsement and whether he agreed with Trump calling the January 6th insurrectionists “hostages,” and the Scott responded with a whole lot of weasel words and no straight answer after being pressed for one by Bash several times.

BASH: But I do want to get your thoughts in a more fulsome way on Donald Trump, because your endorsement was a big deal and is a big deal.

I just want to take one of the examples that I gave. Donald Trump calls the January 6 rioters hostages. You were at the Capitol that day.

SCOTT: I was.

BASH: You said that you took off your jacket, you rolled up your sleeves, and you were prepared to defend yourself — quote — “presumably until I died.”


BASH: Would you call the people who are now facing prosecution hostages?

SCOTT: I would say that every single person facing our justice system should have justice done.

The facts and the evidence in each individual case matters. I have confidence that that process will play out. Here’s what I said also in the book that I wrote. I talked about January the 6th, because I’m one of the few people who was actually there with the people outside; 99 percent of the people who showed up were there to exercise their First Amendment rights.

What I said then is what I will say now. I don’t hold those people at harm. I don’t hold them responsible for the actions of a few. I do hold the few responsible, no one else.

BASH: Right. So, the few who are…

SCOTT: People have to be responsible for themselves.

BASH: So, that the — to use your words, the few who are being prosecuted…


BASH: … going through the justice system, would you call them hostages?

SCOTT: I believe that our Department of Justice should continue and allow a jury of their peers to make the decisions. That’s America.

BASH: But, just to be clear, and then I want to move on, you disagree with Donald Trump calling them hostages, it sounds like?

SCOTT: Just for a third time, yes, I believe…


SCOTT: … that we should have confidence in restoring the blindfold to Lady Justice’s eyes.


Sorry Dana, but it doesn’t “sound like” he disagrees with Trump. It “sounds like” he’s scared to death of crossing him, so he’s not going to give you a direct answer. And close to 900 people being found guilty is a whole lot more than “a few,” but Bash couldn’t be bothered to point that out either.


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