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Trump Attorney Gives Horrific Example To Defend Absolute Immunity

CNN’s Kasie Hunt played a clip of Trump attorney Boris Epshteyn trying to defend his ex-boss by presenting a bizarre case supporting Presidential immunity. No one ever accused Boris Epshteyn of being smart. He went full Alina Habba on us to defend the twice-impeached, scandal-plagued former President.

It would be fun to watch him dance around to defend his client, who has the empathy of a frozen Tater Tot, but he inadvertently or intentionally (?) mocked the hundreds of thousands of human lives lost as a result of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Anything for Donald, AMIRITE?

There isn’t even a precise number of casualties from that bombing. However, the causes of death from that awful event are burns, mechanical injury, and gamma radiation.

Back to you, Boris!

“No president could do their job,” Epshteyn insisted. “Truman wouldn’t have bombed Hiroshima [and] Nagasaki If there were no immunity. There was full criminal immunity, full civil immunity.”

How low can you go? A good portion of people that weren’t killed in the bombing were maimed. Maybe he should get with Fox News’s Jesse Watters. Even though the human douche nozzle knows that Hiroshima should never have happened. Well, he knew it was bad anyway. At least, that’s something. I guess.

The two atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1945 killed and maimed hundreds of thousands of people, and their effects are still being felt today, with Boris Epshteyn going beyond supporting one of the most horrific events in history. Jesus Christ. I need some aspirin. Brb.


January 2024