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Kudlow: Biden ‘Afraid To Talk About’ Record Stock Market Because ‘He Hates Rich People’

Fox Business Network’s Larry Kudlow finds a way to attack Biden while reporting on the Dow and S&P hitting record highs this Friday.

KUDLOW: Yes, we are a business show, so our lead tonight is a big stock market day, with the Dow and the S&P jumping to new all time highs. The Dow is up around 400 points. The Kudlow Trust is doing well. Techs and AI stocks are leading the way.

Now former President Trump has said the market is rallying because he’s going to be reelected president. Others believe the market is rallying because Joe Biden is going to be defeated. Oops. I think that’s the same thing.

Still others believe the market is up because the feds can slash interest rates and juice the economy to get Biden reelected. I personally don’t buy into that.

You would think Joe Biden would be crowing about a record market on his watch. The problem is, he hates rich people. He’s anti-business. He doesn’t like the stock market at all, hates corporate profits, and he’s afraid to talk about it.

I’m sure they’ll find a way to continue to spin it as good news for Trump and bad news for Biden as the election gets closer. This isn’t the first time Kudlow hasn’t been thrilled that the economy is doing well under Biden. He was wincing over inflation going down and stocks rising back in December as well.


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