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Wisconsin GOP Disarray Spills Over Onto Chamber Floor

For the past several years, the GQP in Wisconsin, like those in most other states, have been having a meltdown over the fact that the Orange Shitgibbon lost the 2020 election. In Wisconsin, they have focused their unfounded rage on one person, Meagan Wolfe, who is the adminstrator for the Wisconsin Election Commission. They have repeatedly tried to fire her, impeach her and probably cast voodoo hexes in an effort to get her out of office. Their frustration has repeatedly spilled over into public, including making thinly veiled threats directed at Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

One might have thought that a recent court ruling that Wolfe legally holds her position and thereby is safe from Republican attempts to remove her might have quelled the mayhem among the state Republicans. One might have thought that and one would have been completely wrong.

If anything, thing’s escalated and spilled over onto the state assembly’s chamber floor this week.

Wisconsin’s High Priestess Of the Church of The Big Lie, Representative Janel Brandtjen, brought forth, for a second time, a redolution to impeach Wolfe. After it predictably failed, the disarray among the Republicans boiled over into a miniature civil war:

The move during Tuesday’s Assembly floor session was blocked and characterized by Assembly Majority Leader Tyler August on Thursday as a grift and a “big show for the cameras.” Brandtjen issued a press release calling August, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Keven Petersen Wolfe’s “PR team.”

“If she has the support to move the resolution forward, she can do so. But the fact is, she doesn’t. Our caucus is focused on real things,” August told reporters ahead of another floor session Thursday.

Following August’s comments, GOP Rep. Scott Allen of Waukesha accused his caucus leaders of blocking representation unlawfully.

“When a single member is ignored, when a member is not recognized, we disenfranchise nearly 60,000 Wisconsinites,” Allen said, referring to the number of residents in Brandtjen’s district in the Milwaukee suburbs.

“When we as members allow the abuse of power by leaders of this chamber, we erode the prestige and the honor of the Assembly and we damage the legitimacy of our democratic republic,” Allen said. “We step onto a slippery slope that leads to even greater abuse of power.”

Note to Representative Allen: You all trashed the prestige and honor of the Assembly a long, long time ago. It’s a little late for you to worry about that now.

To prove the point, Allen later called for Assembly Speaker Pro Tem Kevin Petersen to step down for not allowing Brandtjen to speak for the resolution, which, as a reminder, is illegal, null and void now by a court order. But that little pesty bit of reality isn’t going to slow them down, no sirree!

Normally, I would just be munching down on an extra large serving of popcorn and laughing at these asshats, but a frightening thought is looming in the back of my mind. If these knuckle-draggers are so willing to ignore the law now, just how far will they go in November when they lose again?


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