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Walmart Reaches New Low And We Don’t Mean Prices

When you hear the words “employee appreciation” it usually means a pizza party or some cheap trinket with the company logo to show you that the company cares and that you’re not going to get a raise again this year. In other words, “employee appreciation” is corporate speech meaning just the opposite.

Probably the company most notorious for not giving a damn about their workers is Walmart. It’s been reported for years that Walmart workers had to access social safety nets to get foodstamps and health care coverage because Walmart won’t provide their employees with it. On some occasions, Walmart has been known to hold fundraisers and food drives, hitting up other underpaid workers to help one of their colleagues.

But the Walmart in Rockford, Illinois, hit a new low. During last weekend’s massive storm in which several inches of snow fell followed immediately by dangerously low temperatures, To show their appreciation for the employees who risked life and limb to come in for their subliving wages, Walmart really spared no expense in being the lousiest, cheapest bastards they could be:

Credit: Walmart Rockford Facebook page

The caption that Walmart used with the picture read “Brr it’s cold outside. We appreciate our associates for braving the cold to be here. Stay warm with some ramen noodle soup and crackers,”

Gee, how mighty kind of them! I sure as hell hope that the employees checked the expiration date on those ramen noodles. I wouldn’t be surprised if Walmart was trying to serve them outdated food to boot, just to add insult to injury.

Hey, Walmart, how about trying something meaningful for once, like paying a living wage or at least giving out a real bonus? Would it kill you to be decent for a change?


January 2024