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Trump Rampage Suggests E. Jean Carroll ‘Deserved’ Rape

The first E. Jean Carroll trial put the lie to Trump’s claim that “when you’re a star they let you” sexually assault women. In that trial, a jury found Trump had sexually abused (i.e. raped) Carroll. The second, ongoing trial, for defamation damages arising from Trump’s repeated smears of Carroll, seems to have sent Trump around the bend. As C&L has reported, Trump has engaged in middle school-type disruption tactics during this trial and he has exploded in anger outside the courtroom when it became clear the proceedings were not going well for him.

But now, Trump has stooped to suggesting Carroll deserved and/or encouraged the sexual abuse he inflicted on her.

MeidasTouch notes that Trump went on a 26-post rampage against Carroll after Day 3 of the damages trial, posting screenshots of Carroll’s old social media posts in which she talked about sex.

E. Jean Carroll became well-known for her “Ask E. Jean” love and sex advice column, which appeared in Elle Magazine from 1993 until 2019.

Trump appears to be trying to weaponize Carroll’s posts about sex to further shame and humiliate her and in essence say that she deserved what happened.

Trump’s junior varsity lawyer got into the act, too:

In court this week, Trump’s attorney Alina Habba has tried to argue that Carroll should not receive damages because according to Habba, Carroll’s reputation was helped after Trump raped her and defamed her because it made her more famous.

The attacks are also suggestions that Carroll was “asking for it” or wanted to be sexually assaulted. As MeidasTouch also noted, this is “textbook behavior of a sexual abuser.”

Habba and her client may think they are helping his case but it’s almost certain they have done the exact opposite.



January 2024