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Pro Tip: Don’t Bring Yer ‘Moms For Liberty’ Sh*t To New York City

Moms for Liberty’s Town Hall In New York City Thursday night went as well as Andrew Giuliani’s election campaign. He and fellow has-been George Santos were the headliners in attendance, according to Meidas Touch’s Ron Filipkowski. I guess unpopular figures touting the group’s unAmerican tactics makes sense since police are investigating a rape allegation against Florida GOP Chair Christian Ziegler to see if he also committed the crime of video voyeurism. His wife, Bridget Ziegler, has dismissed continued calls for her resignation. That couple really isn’t into consent, are they?

Welcome to New York, Moms! A large protest ensued just outside of the venue, with local parents and the LGBTQ community voicing their displeasure of the human garbage cans bringing their bigotry to the Big Apple.

The Daily Beast reports:

But most of the airtime was spent listening to panelists stoke fears about the usual conservative bugbears: transgender care for minors and critical race theory.

For about 15 minutes at the end, a handful of people in the crowd were able to ask questions, which resulted in anger and several fraught interactions.

This, despite an event flyer claiming that “all viewpoints are welcome.”

I don’t think they were ready for this question from a Black parent:

One Black parent educator at the event said that when children of color have “culturally responsive education” and “access to books of people who look like them,” they better succeed academically, as do their white peers.

She asked how Moms for Liberty would respond to Black, Latin American, and Asian parents who don’t want such materials removed from schools. Before she could finish her question, Justice defensively interrupted.

Giordano, who is white, jumped in and said, “When we look at the United States of America and we’re saying that every single different cultural group has to have a cultural education that matches either their skin color or their ethnicity or their gender, we’re not a country anymore at that point.”

“I didn’t say teach all cultures,” the parent interrupted. “I said culturally responsive education.”

Justice then turned to panelist Charles Love, a CEC colleague of Maron, who began talking over the parent. “Your stats are flawed, number one,” he said, in one of many moments that revealed Moms for Liberty panelists were unable to have constructive conversations with opponents in the room.

Andrew Giuliani’s presence was mocked, probably because he’s Andrew Giuliani.

“We don’t like you!”

New Yorkers don’t mess around.

Imagine being in a group that seeks to ban Black history being taught in school, then getting your feels hurt because the opposing side doesn’t want to hang out with you.

This Moms for Threeways chair is mocking people who wear masks. Wearing a mask, known as common decency, helps keep immunocompromised individuals safe. People like me, for example. I have cancer and can’t imagine having Covid and cancer right now. Call me weak, but it would be too much to handle. They mock people with manners, then want them to come inside to have a nice chat to hear them disparage wokeness. Fck that.

Jamie Bauer, a retiree who held a “Moms for Hypocrisy” sign, told The Daily Beast, “What they did in Florida they are not going to do here. We’re going to protect our teachers, administrators, and librarians from these bigots.”

They won’t stop. Last month, a Florida school district yanked the Merriam-Webster dictionary from library shelves to comply with a state law banning books with descriptions of “sexual conduct.” They are banning dictionaries, you guys.

Let them go back to worshipping the Assholini, who will hopefully suffer from the ignominy of being imprisoned in the near future.

Fck her. Fck them. PS: If possible, wear a mask in public. We need to be kind to each other again. Trump set the tone for all of this hostility, even in his home state, but New Yorkers don’t take shit. They’ll serve it right back to you. Protesters need to greet the fascist group everywhere they go. Protesters reportedly outnumbered the attendees. Meaning that there are more good people in this world than bad. The ‘bad’ ones are just more noisy. But not in New York City. When the questions and answers part of the event was very telling. Reportedly, every person who spoke opposed them.


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