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ICYMI: Fake immunity, Trump’s bizarre rambling, and right-wing furry fantasies

Rep. Jasmine Crockett goes all in on Republicans during immigration hearing

The Texas congresswoman used her time to call out the GOP’s rank hypocrisy on border security.

Ed O’Neill to return honorary degree from Youngstown State after GOP House member chosen president

The “Married … with Children” star took one helluva stand.

Trump caps long day in court with rambling New Hampshire rally

It’s wild that a presidential candidate can give a speech as bonkers as this one and it isn’t round-the-clock news asking what is wrong with him.

Cartoon: Fake immunity

We’ve got your fake news right here, Mr. Trump.

‘Cascading failures’: DOJ blasts law enforcement’s botched response to Uvalde school shooting

The long-awaited report on the failures of law enforcement in Uvalde, Texas, is even worse than anticipated.

Oklahoma Republican files bill to ban ‘furries’ from school

Right-wingers are strangely dedicated to the “kitty litter” myth, which actually has a deeply dark backstory.

How we knew the Florida seat Democrats just flipped was one to watch

The Daily Kos Elections team saw this one coming. Here’s how they knew we needed to go all-in on this race and more.

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Homeland Security exposes GOP’s latest absurdity in impeachment stunt

Republicans’ “rush to impeach” the Homeland Security secretary seems to be taking precedence over having a reason to impeach him.

Biden unveils plan to slash bank overdraft fees, calling them ‘exploitation’

Dark Brandon wants to take an ax to those banking overdraft fees and chop them down to size.

From RaTmasTer to kingmaker: How Jonathan Stickland trolled his way to Texas GOP power

Everything really is bigger in Texas, even the trolls.

Turns out Americans are feeling pretty good ‘vibes’ about their finances

Finally trending in the right direction.

In 2024, Trump voters are motivated by one thing above all: Revenge

The rot begins at the top.

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