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GOPAC Flack Downplays Trump’s Threat To Democracy

Fox regular and GOPAC Chairman David Avella accuses Democrats of fearmongering and claims democracy can’t be under threat because we’ve had elections and Joe Biden is president. Avella is hoping that the viewers of Fox either don’t know or don’t care about the anti-democratic crap that comes out of Trump and his ally’s mouths on pretty much a daily basis or he wouldn’t be saying nonsense like this.

Here’s Avella on this Thursday’s The Faulkner Focus downplaying the real danger Trump represents to our democracy:

FAULKNER: Speaking of that, David, when do you hope or when do you forecast that Republicans will put out, and don’t just say go to my website like many of them do, you’ve got to put out some counter measures now on this economy. You’ve got to say what’s broken and you’d you fix it, and that includes Donald Trump.

AVELLA: Harris, you have heard him say that. He has talked about securing the border. He has talked about extending the bipartisan tax cuts that were passed in his administration. He talks about becoming energy independent again. He has in many interviews, he has laid out exactly where he is going to focus and where he is going to go.

And let’s put to rest this concern about democracy. Democracy is working. We just had elections in Virginia. We had elections in 2022. Joe Biden is sitting in the White House. Every part of democracy that has needed to work has worked. The legal system is still in place. It is still working.

These horrible messages that Democrats are putting out that democracy somehow is in peril, and yet their party is the one trying to take candidates off the ballot. What bigger threat to democracy is there than trying to take a candidate off the ballot?

So let’s stop this, not only do you have the craziness of that, you also have a craziness of scary words they like to use.

This seems to be a running theme over on Fox. Watters did the same thing last month, pretending Trump’s dictator remarks were just a “joke.”


January 2024