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Fox Host Likes How Trump Never Talks About The 2020 Election

I’m really worried about Fox News host Brian Kilmeade after he pointed out that former President Donald Trump wants to “look forward” and doesn’t “look back” at the 2020 election. I don’t think Brian is well. He said that while talking about Assholini once again bringing up the 2020 election. A day can’t go by without Lumpy saying he won the race that he handily lost to Joe Biden. I know that doesn’t make sense, but that’s what Kilmeade said. I think.

I apologize in advance for Kilmeade’s confusing remarks.

“So, the one thing about the president, you mentioned the tone after his victory speech,” he said. “if you were watching CNN they suppressed it, as they did on MSNBC, so you wouldn’t know that. If you didn’t see the town hall on our channel, you saw a different person.”

“And then last night, he talked about not looking back, looking forward, ‘I got more votes than anyone else in Republican history, sitting president, 74 million.’ And that’s what was pointed out in 2020, but he was looking back,” he added. “He’s gone out of his way not to look back. And I think that also could be a good defense strategy with the myriad of court cases he has, don’t emphasize the fact that you have a different view of how the last election ended. He wants to look forward, according to Page Six, the president really feels as though he is there, close to getting back to the White House, and he feels like there’s a sereneness about him.”

That’s all Trump talks about. His entire campaign is focused on how persecuted he is because the legitimate election was “rigged.” Trump is a raging narcissist who can’t admit that he was defeated by “Sleepy Joe.”

In 2022, Kilmeade said that Trump was “unhinged” after the 2020 election, and told him to “move on” from his wild-eyed claims that the election was stolen. Trump hasn’t stopped since then, and Kilmeade seems to have missed that. Either that, or he’s on drugs. IDK. He’s probably just Kilmeading again.

Also, when Kilmeade talks of Trump’s victory speech, he’s referring to the Iowa caucus where the former President underperformed. I’ve never given a single fuck about the Iowa caucuses. It’s the same one that heralded Rick Santorum as the next President in 2012. And they call Trump’s caucus win a massive victory. Zero fucks given.


January 2024