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Kayleigh McEnany Finds Herself Praising VP’s Pro-Women Message

Surprisingly, Kayleigh McEnany praised VP Kamala Harris’s powerful advocacy for abortion rights on The View yesterday, and warned Republicans of the appeal of that message to young women. Via the Daily Beast:

Flagging a clip from Harris’ appearance on The View, McEnany noted that the vice president centered the overturning of Roe V. Wade and the subsequent restrictions on abortion as an issue of personal freedom.

“I travel our country and I have been in states that have banned access to reproductive freedom,” Harris declared on Wednesday. “There is concern if their daughter is going to college, will she go to a state and have access to healthcare she might need including reproductive health… We are not asking anyone to abandon their personal beliefs, it’s just that the government, in this year of our lord 2024, the government should not be telling women what to do with their bodies.”

Adding the caveat that she “disagrees with almost everything” the vice president said, McEnany proclaimed that this “was one of her better interviews when it came to style.” She also claimed that Harris is “clearly doing some sort of media training” and has been “deployed” by the administration to appeal to women and young progressives.

“She’s on a show whose audience is mainly women. She brought up abortion again and again and again,” the former Trump spokesperson continued. “Even when she was given low-hanging fruit—she was asked about January 6 and the 91 indictments against Trump—she pivoted right back to abortion because she knows what is true. The GOP has lost every single abortion ballot initiative post-Roe. Every single one.”

The problem is, McEnany confuses the presentation with the message. It doesn’t matter how “compassionate” Ron DeSantis tries to sound toward mothers — HE’S STILL TAKING AWAY THEIR RIGHTS. Yes, Madame Vice President is doing a great job with the message — the message that extremist Republicans created, and continue to defend!

Keep up the good work, Kayleigh! Keep making it clear Republicans don’t actually care about women. They only want to wrap up their anti-abortion rights rhetoric in a prettier package, but it won’t work.

Saying she’s “implored” the Republican Party as “someone who is pro-life” herself to be more compassionate on the issue of abortion, which has led to Democratic victories across the nation, she called on the GOP to be “more pro-mother” instead of just focusing on unborn babies. The ex-Trump flack then issued a warning to conservatives.

“We, as a party, must do that because what Kamala is doing, right or wrong, is very powerful among young women,” McEnany concluded.


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