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ICYMI: Judge threatens to eject Trump, Florida Democrats clinch major win

Judge threatens to boot Trump from courtroom for talking as E. Jean Carroll testifies

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan had several testy exchanges with Donald Trump and his attorney. The former president lashed out numerous times as he struggled to control his rage.

Florida Democrats flip GOP seat, boosting party and humiliating DeSantis

A Democratic victory in Florida with a side of Ron DeSantis humiliation? Hot damn!

Host of ‘Faith and Freedom BBQ’ to retire from House after accusations of infidelity

Another “family values” candidate goes down.

Cartoon: Mike Luckovich on Trump’s trial

Checking in with Fani Willis and the Georgia fake electors trial.

Elon Musk demands an $80 billion raise

The richest man in the world is in danger of losing a huge chunk of his wealth, so naturally, he’s making some sketchy moves.

Trump demands networks lose licenses for ‘ignoring’ his victory speech

This type of dictatorial rhetoric isn’t new for Trump, but it is an escalation of his war on the media and truth.

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Trump lawyers hint at defense strategy in classified documents case

 Trump’s legal team has started taking direct aim at the special counsel’s office.

 Nikki Haley could win New Hampshire. Here’s why it matters

It’s now or never for the so-called “moderate” wing of the Republican Party.

Johnson enrages the shutdown crowd with another funding deal

Far-right Republicans really want their government shutdown, and they really want it to be about the border.

The 5 richest men doubled their wealth—and that’s how the GOP wants it

These five guys did extremely well in 2023, while 5 billion people worldwide got poorer.

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