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Hannity Blames The Banks For Trump Fraud

Of course Hannity sides with his buddy Trump on the financial fraud Trump (allegedly) committed. It’s not SEAN’S money.

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): This case is a joke. This civil trial brought by an attorney general that ran on a platform that stated very publicly, very often to go after one man, to go after one family, to go after one organization. A judge that is adhering to a value that is obscene and absurd and completely false that Mar-a-Lago is only worth $18 million.

And this judge, you know, the whole case is supposed to be about, well, Donald Trump, was unfair to banks and unfair to insurance companies, because he overvalued some of his properties in New York in financial statements.

Not that it would matter anyway because there was a disclaimer in every single one of those agreements saying, “Don’t count on our valuations. You must do your own due diligence and come up with your own estimates.”

And by the way, how reckless and irresponsible would it be for a bank or an insurance company to either lend money or give a policy and not come up with their own valuations when you’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars?

Hey Sean, now do his taxes. Particularly his state taxes.

The Trump Organization, Donald Trump’s company, was found guilty of seventeen counts of CRIMINAL tax fraud and falsifying business records in December of 2022. They were later fined $1.6 million dollars.

This case is not just about fraud against the banks. It is ILLEGAL to gain money through lying and misrepresenting your company’s assets on applications for loans and insurance. Period. The state has the ability to do what is called “disgorgement.” That means taking the money a criminal gained through “ill-gotten” means.

Trump also complained about the potential fine that Engoron could impose in the case. During court yesterday, the judge remarked that disgorgement — fining Trump for profits made through fraudulent means — is a “clearly available remedy” in the case.

“Now they come up with something called ‘disgorgement.’ I never even heard of the term,” Trump said.

Yeah, neither has Sean Hannity, but it’s the law.

Never mind. Sean left New York for Florida this month to avoid taxation. He does his show from HOME in Florida. Like a podcaster!

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